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CrossCore® Practical Training – Tactical Action DVD

Price: $34.99
Item Number: 4100-CC-TAC1

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What if training wasn't just a workout? How you train may make the difference between going home or going down. As a first responder how you train impacts your performance, the effectiveness of your unit and the lives of your brothers. Practical Training -- Tactical Action is a simple, no nonsense approach to athletic training that supports the Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter or Military Operator. This video presents intelligent, proven exercise methods and movements. What you do in the gym will make a difference in how you perform on the street. Featuring Mark Toomey – Senior RKC, NSCA, CSCS

Makes a great gift or donation for any first responder whether they are police, fire, military, etc.

CrossCore’s Practical Training – Tactical Action DVD includes instruction on Kettlebell training as well as Rotational Bodyweight Training™ by Senior RKC Instructor, Mark Toomey. This unique approach to training will make a difference in your performance whether you are a first responder or professional athlete.

DVD is packed with and hour of education and instruction.

Mark Toomey is a fitness instructor from Reno, Nevada. He serves as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in fitness and conditioning for the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. He is the Director of Operations for Dragon Door Publications, a producer of cutting edge material on strength and conditioning and acts as a Senior Instructor for the RKC, the first and largest entity specializing in kettlebell and body weight exercise instruction. Mark is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a certified CK-FMS practitioner.

crosscore 180 training body weight training with crosscore 180 kettlebell training training with kettlebells

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CrossCore Practical Training – Tactical Action DVD

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