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CrossCore® Dealers/Distributors and Training Facilities

CrossCore® is functional training. Our patented Rotational Bodyweight Training products were created to be the evolution of straps based products for added core and overall body engagement. In addition, today CrossCore® offers a complete line of functional training racks and accessories to complement its core products, the CrossCore180® and War Machine®. CrossCore® is the only product of its kind to back its products with an educational program accredited by premier education providers such as ACE, NASM, NESTA and ISSA.

If you would like to become a Dealer/Distributor of CrossCore® products and accessories, please sign up today.

CrossCore® Authorized Dealers and Distributors

Dealer Spotlight

Gym Source - Fitness Equipment Sales
Gym Source has built more gyms for more people than any other company in the world. For 75 years they have developed a reputation as the leader in the fitness field. As America's largest commercial distributor of fitness equipment, they serve a wide range of clients- from the Fortune 500 to the FBI, Equinox to the Oval Office, Dartmouth to Columbia. From Baltimore to Boston, New York to Naples, their proven commitment to their customers is unparalleled in the history of the fitness industry. With over 300,000 clients in all 50 States and over 50 countries, Gym Source is the recognized reliable authority.

War Machine, Crosscore, Fitness Plus
Nigel Anderson at the Gym Source location in NYC demonstrating a CrossCore® Rotational Chest Press on the Hoist Fitness Functional Trainer.
War Machine, Crosscore, Fitness Plus
Dan Norton at the Gym Source store in Newton, MA hitting some back rows on the Tuff Stuff CXT unit.

USA Dealers and Distributors

All Out Fight Shop (commercial sales - Miami FL)
Tel - 1-888-712-0372

American Fitness (residential and commercial sales - OR)
Tel - 1-800-895-4181

Atlantic Fitness Products (residential and commercial sales - MD)
Tel - 1-800-445-1855

Athletic Systems (commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-866-206-9005

Better Body Sports (residential and commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-866-626-4625

Bigger Faster Stronger (school and commercial sales - UT)
Tel - 1-800-628-9737
Fax - 1-801-975-1159

BodyKore (commercial sales - CA)
Tel - 1-213-465-3197
Commercial Fitness Solutions (residential and commercial sales – CO)
Tel - 1-800-500-1098
Core De Vie (Host Facility & commercial sales - MA)
Tel - 1-617-720-0411

Core Edge Fitness, Inc. (residential and commercial sales - NC)
Tel - 1-704-677-4481

Core Fitness Wisconsin (residential and commercial sales – WI)
Tel - 1-414-704-3263

Diamond Fitness Systems (residential and commercial sales - CA)
Tel - 1-951-698-0762

Element 5 Fitness (residential and commercial sales – WA)
Tel - 1-425-823-4400

Elevation Fitness (commercial sales and Host Facility – West Hollywood, CA)
Tel - 1-310-657-7878

Exercise & Leisure (residential and commercial sales – OH, KY)
Tel - 1-800-548-1900

Fitness Edge (residential and commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-800-896-7568

Fitness Experts (residential and commercial sales – IL)
Tel - 1-800-209-1350

Fitness Factory (residential and commercial sales - IL)
Tel - 1-800-383-9300

Fitness Plus (residential and commercial sales - NY)
Tel - 1-866-965-4653

Fitness Pro (commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-805-625-2922

Fitness Resource (residential and commercial – MD, VA, GA)
Tel - 1-866-348-3000

Fitnessmith (commercial sales – FL)
Tel - 1-800-949-0731

Fittrax Fitness Systems (residential and commercial sales – NH)
Tel - 1-866-348-8729

FPHIIT (residential and commercial sales – CA)

Full Circle Padding (residential and commercial – MD, VA, GA)
Tel - 1-866-348-3000

Go Fast Fitness (commercial sales – MA)
Tel -1-800-875-7780

Granby Fitness (residential and commercial – SC)
Tel - 1-803-445-8108

Gym Source (residential and commercial sales - AZ, CT, FL, MD, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA)
Tel - 1-800-GYMSOURCE (residential, commercial and GSA sales - CA)
Tel - 1-888-758-7527
Fax - 1-866-841-3875

Keiser Corporation (commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-800-888-7009
Fax - 1-559-256-8100

Mad Dogg Athletics (commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-800-847-7746

Perform Better (residential and commercial sales – RI)
Tel - 1-888-556-7464
Fax - 1-800-682-6950

PitFit Training (commercial sales – IN)
Tel - 1-317-388-1000

Pro-Edge Fitness (residential and commercial sales – CA)
Tel - 1-661-978-7328
Fax - 1-877-303-4358

Prosource Fitness Equipment (residential and commercial sales - NC)
Tel - 1-877-781-8077

Pure Body Fitness (residential and commercial sales - CA)

Ron Jones High-Performance Health (commercial sales - CA)

ShapeItUp.Com (residential and commercial sales - CA)
Tel - 1-866-878-0627

SPORTSMITH (residential and commercial sales - OK)
Tel -1-888-713-2880

Tuff Stuff Fitness Equipment, Inc. (residential and commercial sales - CA)
Tel - 1-909-629-1600

Uncommon Age (Host Facility & commercial sales – MN)
Tel - 1-651-430-0077

Z-Health Performance Solutions (commercial sales - AZ)
Tel - 1-888-394-4198

Government Sales (residential, commercial and GSA sales - CA)
Tel - 1-888-758-7527
Fax - 1-866-841-3875


International Distributors and Education Providers

Blue Fitness

Keiser Brasil

Canada (Alberta)
Beyond The Basics

Czech Republic

Finland and Estonia

Germany / Austria
Right Now Fitness

Togo-Antago KFT

Technosport Ltd

Fitness Apollo

Multi Works General Trading

Lithuania / Latvia
VS Sport, UAB

Sport Solutions

Netherlands / Denmark / Luxemburg
Unlimited Training B.V.

New Zealand
Blue Fitness

Renessanse Scandinavia AS

Hampton Fitness Europe

Russia and CIS Countries
Wellform, LLC

Saudi Arabia
Delta Marketing Co.

Singapore / Malaysia / Vietnam / Brunei / Phillipines / Thailand
United Lifestyle

Slovenia / Serbia
Rosso Ltd.

South Africa

Gymco Sports LTD

United Kingdom / Ireland
Powerhouse Fitness

French German Portuguese Spanish

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