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CrossCore® Testimonials

Curtis Tsuruda“Having used other suspended bodyweight training devices in the past, I feel the CrossCore 180 takes this sort of training to a whole new level. Absolutely love the ability to integrate a rotational aspect by simply pulling the pin!”

Steve Hess – Professional Basketball Strength Coach – Denver, Co

Curtis TsurudaHaving been an international fitness trainer and tactical athlete for over 2 decades, I have had the opportunity to use, test and evaluate hundreds of workout programs, exercise machines and exercise tools and I can honestly say that the CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer™ (RBT) is possibly the best single piece of workout gear created to date. Until recent years, exercise programs were largely focused around single plane, fixed position, single joint movements, many of which were also open chain. As exercise concepts evolved and research studies were conducted, body weight and closed chain exercises experienced a revival and suspension training was introduced. But having trained the full spectrum of people from athlete to novice, from young to old I have learned that to achieve optimal performance, training must be delivered in a fashion that truly mimics everyday human movement in addition to athletic movement; otherwise known as functional in nature!

The CrossCore® does so in a superb fashion... in a manner of fact, that no other single device does. When used properly the CrossCore180 allows the user to perform open and closed chain body weight exercises utilized at varying resistance based on leverage, angling and positioning. More importantly it allows a facet of movement not possible on other suspension trainers—rotational movement. The CrossCore allows dynamic three dimensional movement under tension that activates joint stabilizers, requires full core engagement (not just abdominal engagement), and nervous system response to take the user to a whole new level of fitness. On the CrossCore, you can achieve the hypertrophy inducing, strength increasing results of a popular free weight workout while simultaneously acquiring the joint stabilization and integration, nervous system stimulation and connective tissue development you can from gymnastics or calisthenics training.

The use of the CrossCore has allowed me to take my level of fitness and capability to a whole new level, a level in my forties that rivals the level of my prime operational days in Special Forces but in the face of myriad injuries and damage. My connective tissue and joints are stronger, more stable and more functional. I have experienced the same results with my clients as is exemplified by one of my 68 year old clients that has been working out with the CrossCore now for close to 12 months on and off. With chronic joint pain, previously limited ROM and weakness with movements past the frontal plane, and two complete knee replacements, he is now at a level of capability that he hasn’t had since his late twenties.

Bill McDonald BHS, ISSA CFT, SFN and Military Master Fitness Trainer.

Curtis Tsuruda “CrossCore® adds a twist to suspension training, but you can still lock it and do the “old stuff”. Anytime a piece equipment becomes more functional, it lends itself to be a better product.”

Curtis I. Tsuruda, MEd, MSCC, USAW
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Donaldsonville High School

Jamie Heiner “The CrossCore180® is a great addition to our weight room, and I am excited to add it to all of our athletic training programs. Its versatility and functionality is unmatched in the industry.”

Jamie Heiner - Director of Performance at Valor Christian High School
Advisor for Nike SPARQ
Impact Sports Performance

Uli Margie

CrossCore180® – a successful post rehab and fitness method to combat scoliosis-induced back pain
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link – this saying is also valid in the world of fitness, competitive and therapeutic sports.

As a personal trainer I thus need to consider the inborn or acquired muscle imbalances and weaknesses of my clients during our sessions. Such muscle imbalances may cause pain in the shoulders, back, thighs or knee joints.

Functional training – the optimal body motion sequence
In order to achieve good training results and have fun at the same time, these imbalances and weaknesses should be minimized to the greatest possible extent. Only then can sports enthusiasts enjoy a comfortable workout. This is why I have been focusing on "functional training" for many years – an excellent method, which on the one hand enhances the symmetric motion of both the left and the right side of the body, and on the other hand reinforces the balance between agility and strength.

The first thing I do when working with a client is performing a thorough anamnesis and a detailed analysis of the body motions (Functional Movement Screen). If I detect certain imbalances, I design a special training plan to target these problems. As a result, I have a client who enjoys his workout with no pain and who achieves visible results within a short time.

Apart from the classic Functional Training, I have been using the so-called sling- or suspension training devices in the last couple of years with astounding success. My clients have discovered the freedom of movement though a rope system, which allows them to constantly use their body as resistance! If this is not a Super Functional Training, then what is?

CrossCore® RBT™ – training on various motion levels
By far the best results I have seen so far were with the CrossCore® RBT™ – a rotational bodyweight training, which represents something essential to the functional training - it simultaneously involves the frontal, sagittal and transversal level. Another big advantage are the multi-purpose straps. Now it is possible to fine-tune all rotational movements on the transversal level, which is very helpful when a person has motion constraints.

Two years ago I met Svetlina, a young woman with significant complaints in the lumbar region 4/5. She often experienced pain during work, while sitting in front of the computer for a prolonged time and standing up. These problems did not go away even after regular workouts in the gym. As a result she suffered from a disproportionate muscle gain, gained weight on the wrong spots and eventually lost some life quality.

The anamnesis showed an idiopathic scoliosis (a permanent spinal curvature) on the right side of her back, where the muscles were obviously prominent. This muscle imbalance was the main source of the permanent complaints, which deprived her more and more of the joys of everyday life.

After a several-week functional training of the superficial and deep muscles, I incorporated the CrossCore® RBT™ into our program after the muscles were strong enough. We introduced step by step special exercises and so we managed to achieve optimal results. For example, with the help of the flexible straps we could use controlled rotational movements to strengthen the weaker side of Svetlina's back and stretch the other one. The CrossCore® RBT™ proved to be very efficient. Furthermore, we had great fun with it.

Apart from eliminating the back pain through functional training with the CrossCore® RBT™, Svetlina lost some weight and enjoyed an athletic and much more aesthetic body than before. Now, two years later, she is not only still an enthusiastic supporter of my training system, but also a proud owner of a brand new CrossCore180®! :)

Uli Margie
Personal Fitness Trainer
CrossCore Master Instructor Germany
Co-Founder Platinum Medical Fitness Düsseldorf/Germany

Marty GallagherI was excited to come across the CrossCore180® during my research into various portable resistance devices for military use. I was asked by some active duty spec ops soldiers, friends of mine, to look into the viability of portable resistance devices for use while they were deployed to remote locales. I found most portable training devices one dimensional and saddled with homogenized protocols. My guys wanted to know if it was possible for an elite athlete/soldier to obtain a hardcore workout from a portable training device? In my opinion the jury was out on that one - until I came across the CrossCore180®. The addition of the pulley system to portable arsenal is what attracted me initially to the CrossCore180®. I have used pulley resistance for decades as this lone aspect set the CrossCore180® apart from any other portable product I'd come across. I developed a fixed strap resistance protocol that included partner-assisted forced reps, partner-added payload, drop sets and the use of a weighted backpack to vary payloads. Finally the CrossCore180® provides the ability to engage in rotational training - this is a new plane of resistance training. The CrossCore180® allows the user to create their own exercise motor-pathways using a rotational plane unlike anything anywhere in all of resistance training. We are presently devising rotational protocols that promise to open entire new pathways of progress.

Marty Gallagher - Coach, Team USA, IPF world team powerlifting champions; IPF world masters powerlifting champion

Warren PoleAs an ultramarathon runner and long distance triathlete I'm fine with endurance but as weak as a kitten when it comes to explosive speed or upper body strength, so when Men's Fitness asked me to race the Tough Mudder (a 12-mile extreme assault course race in the US) for a feature I knew I had some training to do!

Traveling extensively for work and having an irregular schedule to say the least, the gym is not an ideal solution for me. Also, I wanted functional, agile strength rather than just muscle - 50-100 mile mountain ultramarathons are still my key focus so bulking up was not what I wanted.

Then I stumbled across the War Machine. It looked absolutely perfect. Small enough to travel with, simple enough to fit in my garage for use any time I had half an hour spare. Jonathan at Balance was brilliant in teaching me how to use the kit, and for the next six weeks before the Tough Mudder I set to work.

It was a revelation, building the functional, flexible strength I lacked and being really enjoyable into the bargain thanks to Jonathan's inspiring instruction. Combined with circuit training in the local park (hill sprints, burpees, bench dips, etc) this was the ideal training set up for what I needed.

The result was I left for the Tough Mudder feeling better physically than I ever have.

Now the War Machine is an integral part of my fitness, helping me build a stronger, more flexible and more resilient platform for this year's programme of mountain ultras. As well as this, taking up so little space it also means there's plenty of room in my garage for the drum kit my wife has been wanting for years. All I need now is some earplugs.

Warren Pole - Writer Men’s Fitness, Runner’s World, Live Magazine

Bibiano Fernandes

“The First Time I used the CrossCore 180 I could not believe the immediate reaction I felt in my body to stabilize the second the pin was pulled. I felt every muscle in my body engage and become one. It was like moving the same way in Jiu Jitsu and MMA. It is not about brute strength but about finesse and technique. This will be a part of my training arsenal for sure!”

Bibiano Fernandes - Professional MMA Record 11-3-0
DREAM 11 Featherweight Grand Prix Champion, First DREAM Featherweight Champion, Dream 2011 Bantamweight World Grand Prix Champion
Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Record Black Belt Titles : 3 x Pan American Jiu Jitsu Champion- 5 x World Jiu Jitsu Champion

Fernando Pontes

“I had first saw this in the US and loved it. I have used TRX a lot and when Bibiano and myself started really doing some work on the CrossCore 180 I not only had a big smile on my face, I once again felt how important it was going to be for my training for Jiu Jitsu, MMA and all around wellbeing. This will help me stretch in ways that I cannot on the TRX, and stabilize and engage my body in ways that is almost impossible on every piece of equipment I have ever used. I look forward to taking the CrossCore 180 as a large part of my strength and conditioning training, and more important, to help reduce my possibility of injury.”

Fernando “ Margarida” Pontes

The Athlete

  • Fernando “Margarida“ Pontes is a professional jiu-jitsu, grappling and MMA fighter
  • The youngest absolute champion in the history of the Jiu-Jitsu World Championships
  • 3 X BJJ world champion, three-time Pan American champion and three-time Brazilian champion – in his Weight and Absolute categories
  • Recognized for his winning perseverance, braveness and noble talent


The Professor

  • Gave classes in large academies and schools in Brazil, USA and Europe
  • Trained the Military, Federal and Civil Police in Brazil
  • Trained FBI, S.W.A.T. and Military Forces in the US
  • Took part in Brazilian social projects giving classes for needy children during two years

Robert K. EastlackIt’s already been established by the first responders, coaches and athletes that use them that CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ products are quite possibly the most versatile and effective training tools to hit the market in years. But what are medical professionals saying about CrossCore®? Here is some feedback just sent to us by Robert K. Eastlack, MD

"Long and physically grueling days in the operating room frequently extend beyond 12 or 14 hours, and they demand that I stay in top physical shape. The Crosscore180™ provides a very effective tool to keep me physically fit and at my best. Its unique training properties allow both rapid strengthening and improved neuromuscular coordination that ultimately benefits the musculoskeletal system in a safer manner than its alternatives."

Robert K. Eastlack, MD - Director of Spine Research and Fellowship Training Scripps Clinic Division of Orthopaedic Surgery. San Diego Padre's Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at Scripps Clinic


"Thank you for sharing with FTI your creative CrossCore® invention. We are blessed to have such a passionate inventor & educator imparting valuable life experiences to us inspiring more people to live with zest.

After trying & using all 4 suspension training system from TRX, Airfit, Rip60 and CrossCore®, I must say Crosscore® stands out as the ultimate winner with the following reasons..

  1. Hassle free adjustment from top using quality quick release buckle or bottom using manual looping techniques that makes it very neat unlike the others.
  2. High quality smooth pulley with ingenious magnetic pin for locking into any 4 holes provide ease of transition from fix movement to rotation.
  3. Extremely smart, versatile and high quality handles design that offers much better support for hand grip especially wrist or leg anchor that other suspension trainers can't match.
  4. Smart pulley system with holes at frame to allow handles attach for pull up, etc which other suspension training can't match.
  5. Unique, fast & ease of transition from dual handle to single handle with independent sturdy karabiner.
  6. All in one upper strap that provides door anchor support with protection vinyl coating & velco to tug in loose ends.

All in all , I must say this product has been put through many serious thoughts from functionality to durability to portability. Well done!!"

Nelson Chong - Founder, Functional Training Institute

Training Workshop in Singapore
Training Workshop in Singapore

Chad McCaffrey"Crosscore's War Machine® is an exceptional an innovative product. It provides a very unique training experience that should be a part of everyone’s training regimen. Since using the War Machine® product, I have noticed many improvements in my overall strength, balance, and core stability. The War Machine® targets many of the muscle groups that you simply can't hit with everyday resistance and cardio training at the gym. The War Machine® is ideal for athletes, as it provides the type of movements and balance needed to excel in competition. Overall I have found this product to be amazing. Its solid construction and overall ease of use makes it ideal for anyone looking to get serious about their fitness objectives."

Chad McCaffrey - Retired Canadian -pro hockey player
2002-03 Memorial Cup champion

Shane Beschen"After training with the War Machine® for just a couple weeks I felt significantly stronger and more flexible. I am hunting waves down and catching them with ease with my increased paddling strength."

Shane Beschen - 1994 US Open Champion, 1996 A.S.P. World Number 2, 2006/2007 X Games Gold Medalist, Red Bull Surf Team Performance Coach

Joseph Allyson"At 51 I've been doing bodyweight exercise for 37 years and in the pantheon of natural exercise The War Machine® is the single most effective piece of equipment I have ever seen. My speed, agility, core strength and explosive power are going through the roof in last few weeks since adding The War Machine® into my daily routines."

Joseph Allyson aka "Cave Doctor" - Certified fitness trainer, TV host and writer

Andrew Usher"Adaptability, Scalability and longevity are important to me, be it nutritional needs, training needs or other. Not a lot of equipment I look at hits those requirements. Not the case with the War Machine®, it has to be one of the most adaptable, sturdy and versatile pieces of kit I own. I am no virgin to the suspension trainer either, having owned a Jungle Gym and TRX for a long time, and someone who includes them in my daily workouts.

However, sometimes you see something that grabs your attention, and redefines how and why you do something, that something for me was the War Machine®. Not only could I use it as a suspension trainer, but pulling the pin on the pulley allowed me to use it as a cable machine, allowing me to pull weight plates, kettlebells and resistance bands. This opened a whole new world of rehab and prehab drills, has allowed the child in me to come out with a whole new wacky range of engaging and demanding exercises. 

It’s brought a smile to my face, and it’s kicked my ass in workouts many a time. Clients love it, my martial arts students love it, and even some of the elderly patients we have love it. Everyone loves its versatility. When you engage in the more esoteric exercises such as suspending whilst surfing on a vew-do board you need assurances that the kit is going to hold out, never a concern with the War Machine®, the build quality is awesome. Since owing the War Machine®, the jungle Gym found a new home, and its cousin the TRX sits alone in the dark. 

Why hang around with the dull kids when you can be hanging, rowing, swinging, pushing and pulling with the more exciting kids?"

Andrew Usher - Partner, Dunbeath Medical Practice
Crazy Monkey Defense Scotland Trainer
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

Pete Navarro.jpg"I have been involved in the fitness industry pretty much all my life. My late father Reg Park, who was a pioneer in the industry and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a chain of gymnasiums in South Africa where I grew up. I spent a great deal of time in his gyms from a very young age and it was the highlight of my weekends to go into the gym with my dad on Saturday and Sundays, watch him workout and play around on all the equipment. My dad designed and made all his own equipment and I was always interested in the field, I had a natural aptitude for sport and started to excel as a competitive swimmer and swam in the Montreal Olympics in 1976. During my swimming career my dad designed a resistance pulley machine that enabled one to perform the various different strokes, there were also some crude portable resistance machines around at the time but nothing as durable and sophisticated as the War Machine®. It was natural for me to get more involved in the fitness industry I served an apprenticeship as an instructor at one my dads gyms when I was eighteen, he then sold his gyms and I then became the floor manager and chief instructor at a new popular gym in Johannesburg. I then started personal training and was the first personal trainer in South Africa. In 1985 I moved to California and started working as a personal trainer at various gyms and people’s homes. I then opened my own facility in 1992 which I had for thirteen years to finally open my current location Legacy Gym five years ago. Having spent four decades in the industry I have seen the industry evolve and have kept up with all the new trends many of which are gimmicks. Over the years I have built up a large client base and have worked with many athletes including boxer Oscar de La Hoya and former NBA star Vlade Divac.

I am always looking for new ways to challenge my clients and was introduced to Brendan Cosso one of the Co-Inventors of the War Machine® about a year ago. I had seen other types of elevation devices but was not overly impressed until after seeing Brendan demonstrate the War Machine® I was very impressed on many levels, the fact that that you can use it unilaterally which I am a huge proponent of as it is far more functional than the other elevation training devices that don’t allow for unilateral training, it also allows for two people to workout on one machine. One on each handle which others don’t, you can use two machines at once for a cable crossover movement, which others dont and it is extremely durable and sturdy. 

I have incorporated the use of the War Machine® in all my clients workouts, all my home clients now have a War Machine® in their home gyms I have also introduced to my friends in the industry all over the world, from Australia, the UK and South Africa in fact I have also introduced it to the head trainer at the famous Manchester United soccer club who has expressed great interest. I encourage all my clients to purchase one as it is a great piece to take with you when you travel or are a student away at College, you can use it in your hotel room or a park where you can wrap the strap over a bar or a tree branch.

All my home clients now have a War Machine® in their home gyms. I have also installed a rack specifically for the War Machines® in my gym and will be incorporating them in my new circuit classes starting soon. I will also be hosting certified War Machine® trainer classes.

I encourage all my clients to have the War Machine® and take it with them when they travel, since it comes in a bag it is very easy to take on a trip. It can be used in a hotel room by attaching the strap to the back of the top of a door or in a local park whereby one can attach the strap to a horizontal bar or tree branch. It is also great for students who are away at College. 

I believe every sports team should have the War Machines® and incorporate them in their training programs and every serious competitive athlete regardless of their sport and serious trainer should own one. It simply blows the other elevation training devices away and with the well put together instruction booklet and DVD that comes with it one will see that the variables are endless."

Jon Jon Park - Legacy Gym in Santa Monica, CA

Pete Navarro.jpg"The pulley system on the hybrid equipment (War Machine®) also adds the very important component of Dynamic Stabilization. DS is the muscle's ability to hold a body segment or joint in place as well as in it's proper plane during an unstable situation (throwing, jumping, landing, acceleration and deceleration). In my 20+yrs as a Physical Therapist, Sports Conditioning Specialist and Certified Senior Strength Trainer, I found that DS is as important if not more than brute strength when it comes to the athlete. The stability of a limb/joint is key to injury prevention but as we all know, most exercise machines work on a single plane (Leg extension, squat racks, bench..etc). Though the machines add a sense of safety to the athlete, it lacks a key ingredient: MIMICKING THE SPORT OF THE ATHLETE. I can't expect a high jumper to jump higher by just his ability to kick out 150 lb. leg extensions 10 times. It's not the same! The War Machine®, I found, can mimic many if not most movement's when the sport is "broken down" into it's primary components due to it's ability to rotate. So for example, if I want my high jumper to increase his ability to jump I will incorporate a single leg squat jump (off the plant leg) w/ ERS (Extension, Rotation, Side Bending) motion while holding on the War Machine® handles. Therefore, you are working on "safety" by training the athlete's proprioception as well as his power, strength and Dynamic Stability. It's an indispensable part of my rehabilitation and training program. I have you guys to thank for it. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me tout your War Machine®."

Pete Navarro - PT, SCS, CSST

Hapikido Flip"My name is Gary Gapezzani and I am a fourth degree black from Kim’s Hapkido under Grandmaster Chong S. Kim. I have been training in the martial arts for the last twenty-two years and I consider myself an elite athlete. Since I began using CrossCore® Training Systems 'War Machine®' I have become stronger more flexible and my form has improved significantly. I use the War Machine® and the Training System for all my workouts, stretching and cardio. I cancelled my membership to my gym because the War Machine® and its unique versatility provides me with a full body workout that builds my strength, balance and my core. It is easy to transport so I can take it to the beach or my local park if I want to train outdoors. The War Machine® is a training tool that any serious martial arts cannot do without"

Gary Gapezzani - Pasadena, CA

Brandon Brooks"I feel like the accessibility and easy to use nature of the War Machine® makes it perfect for casual athletes while the cutting edge focus on core strength and body balance makes it the perfect addition to the workouts of even the most Elite Athletes. I love what the War Machine is adding to the game of my UCLA Athletes and I would and do suggest it to anyone." 

Brandon Brooks - UCLA Water Polo, Head Coach , Beijing Olympic Silver Medalist, 2-Time Water Polo Olympian, Mr. Basketball Hawaii 1999, UCLA Basketball 1999-2000

Kathryn M"After the birth of my baby I was excited to get back into shape, but getting to the gym was next to impossible. With the War Machine® I am able to get in a full body workout without leaving the house. I am back in shape and stronger than ever. Having a degree in kinesiology and also playing volleyball most of my life, I really saw the potential the product had the minute I saw the first video. The Name WAR MACHINE® kind of threw me off but once I first used it, everything made sense, it really is about preparing for WAR in a Mental and physical way. Your preparation, how you go about executing the plan, challenging yourself to your maximum potential and then reaching your goals! They have me hooked! So bring it on I am ready!" 

Kathryn M. - Orange County CA
Personal Trainer/ Volleyball player
Degree in Kinesiology – San Diego State University

"I did want to mention my first experience with the War Machine® yesterday. All I can say is WOW! I have been doing bodyweight exercises for a very long time and this was totally different. I was blown away. Even using it in the doorway with very little resistance I couldn't believe how tough the exercises were. With just a handful of movements in 30 minutes I was sore from head to toe. Unlike anything I have felt in a long long time."

M. Weaver - Williamsburg, OH

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